We are very pleased to be able to invite you to the ‘2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop’ in Seoul, Korea June 25th-28th, 

2019 organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International).

After starting with the endeavor to ignite exchange among those who are involved with urban lighting in Asian cities since 2017, the 2018 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop brought together city representatives from 23 cities and 16 nations in June of last year and concluded successfully with the dedicated participation of each lighting professional in attendance.

This time, we will be looking over some of the ways which might be useful in make your city more livable through lighting, lighting your thoughts up and inspiring cities. Under the vision of improving Quality of Life and sustainable development by producing and adapting appropriate lighting in each city, 

the theme of the workshop can be classified into 3 meaningful sessions.

One session surrounds the use of artistic and vibrant aspect of urban lighting which is especially applicable to lighting festivals and lighting of cultural heritage sites. Another includes, increasing city safety and decreasing light pollution to ultimately make your city a better place. Last of all, a session on sustainable urban development, which importantly includes means of becoming eco-friendly, is an indispensable way.

Let us utilize this unique platform to learn about a range of case studies and get inspired from meaningful lectures and interactive sessions. 

Finally, the ‘2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop’ will offer a chance to come up with new, innovative ideas to be applied to your own cities, and act as a bridge that can connect cities of diverse backgrounds so as to give cities a foundation for future exchange and cooperation.

Daily Program

This Program is subject to change without prior notice.



 ‘2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop’ will be held in Seoul, Korea June 25-28, 2019 organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) 

and LUCI(Lighting Urban Community International).

Should you have any inquiries, please contact the workshop secretariat at or LUCI Regional Office for Asia at


2018 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop

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2017 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop Highlight
2018 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop Highlight

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